Stage IT Monitoring

Business unit
Venezia (VE)
The primary objectives of this internship are to provide the selected candidate with hands-on experience in the field of IT monitoring, allowing them to acquire practical skills and develop strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

The intern will be immersed in the dynamic IT environment of Banca Ifis, working within the IT department. During the internship, the candidate will actively participate in various projects focused on monitoring IT infrastructures, systems, and applications.

Internship Activities:
  • Configuration of Monitoring Tools:  Engage in the setup and configuration of monitoring tools used to oversee the bank's IT landscape;
  • Telemetry Data Analysis: Collect and analyse telemetry data to gain insights into system performance and identify areas for improvement;
  • Anomaly Identification and Reporting: Learn to identify and report anomalies within the monitored systems, contributing to the proactive management of potential issues;
  • User Support and Troubleshooting: Provide support to users in utilizing monitoring systems, assisting in troubleshooting activities when necessary.

Candidates applying for this internship should possess the following qualifications:
  • Basic knowledge in the following areas:
  • Linux systems.
  • Windows systems.
  • Computer networks.
  • Proficiency in programming languages, such as Python and Bash scripting.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
In addition to the required qualifications, the ideal candidate for the IT Monitoring Specialist internship at Banca Ifis may possess the following qualifications:
  • Familiarity with widely used IT monitoring tools such as Zabbix and Dynatrace;
  • Proficiency in Java development;
  • Basic understanding of the JVM (GC, thread management, etc.).
Thesis Opportunity: For students pursuing a bachelor's degree, this internship can be integrated into the preparation for the thesis. The candidate will work with their academic advisor to align the internship activities with a coherent thesis project.

Duration: 6 months
Location: Direzione Generale Venezia Mestre